Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Older projects made by me

Below are projects I have made. Mostly they are older projects. For most of the paper it either came from the plain paper cardstock stacks at Walmart (3 years ago) or patterned paper from Ebay sold as a whole group of 200+ sheets also around 3 years old. I need to clean out my stock pile before ordering more paper! I have 6 drawers full and then some that are out on my table and that. They won't fit in the drawers and it makes me sad!!! 90% of the ribbon used came from either Michael's or Walmart many years ago as well. Some has come from Target in the $1 bins during holiday times. Stamps, unless otherwise stated have come from the Dollar Tree or Micheal's from a few years ago.

On to the projects~

Halloween-ish Card~ You're Purr-Fect (Pink by Design stamp)

Inside of the card- Happy Fright Night! (Pink by Design Stamps)

Plain Dog card, blank on front and inside perfect for any occasion!


Two of my two page layouts from our trip to Hawaii. I need to work on more layouts before I can get some more posted but I'm getting there now that I have nothing else to do :)

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